How to Create a Functional Dining Room

When you think about the lower level of your home, which room would you say has the most activity? Perhaps the family room or living room comes to mind, where your children complete homework, fight over the best seat on the couch, and cheer on your favorite football team. Maybe you think to the kitchen; the place you make family meals and gather around to eat at the kitchen table.

Did your formal dining room even come to mind? If you are like most homeowners in America, you skipped over this room entirely as you thought about your home. Dining rooms almost seem like museum exhibits where a “Do Not Cross” velvet rope hangs across the room every day but Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Furniture Market knows first-hand how transforming a living room into a fun, usable space can change an entire home. Read these tips from Furniture Market in Grand Prairie to revitalize your dining room today.

Add Productive Spaces

Of course you should have a standard dining room table and chairs in your dining room, but, if you have the space, you should consider desks and bookshelves as well. By adding in these “home office” elements, you give yourself more surface for storage and another reason to use the room. Especially if one of your kids needs an area to do homework, this might be a better option than having them up in their rooms.

If space is a concern, you can use an existing surface, such as your dining room table or buffet, and do work there. Adding table lighting can help to make the space feel more productive, even if you do not add any extra dining room furniture.

Commit to Family Dinners

Move your family dinners from the kitchen to the dining room. If you do this, your dining room will automatically become a more casual and welcoming space. If you are worried about the wear-and-tear that nightly dinners might cause, consider a patterned rug — leopard print, for instance, does wonders in masking stains. You could also invest in a durable wooden table, rather than glass, to ensure your table lasts. Additionally, invest in a buffet or china cabinet to keep your family heirlooms in a safe space while they’re on display.

Lights and Action

People are reluctant to enter dark rooms. If your dining room currently has only one focal lighting fixture, especially one that hangs from the ceiling, add floor and surface lighting. This way, you can create a bright reading nook and make the dining room more practical for productivity. For added warmth, try to prioritize yellow lighting rather than harsher blue or white tones.


If your dining room is currently a wasted space, stop into Furniture Market in Grand Prairie to revitalize the room today. We carry dining sets, tables, chairs, and other accent furniture that can renew any room. With strategic dining room furniture and lighting, your dining room can be a place of daily activity rather than just holiday gatherings. Shop online and at Furniture Market in Grand Prairie today!

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