How To Design an Outdoor Oasis

Texas is the best state in America for many reasons, but our consistent, warm climate might be the biggest advantage of them all. Warm temperatures year-round make the outdoor spaces of your home even more important. If your backyard isn’t living up to the potential it has for barbecue cookouts, pool parties, or family evenings around the fire pit, then Furniture Market is here to help. Browse our selection of outdoor furniture, including outdoor patio tables, fire pits, and heaters to make your backyard the ultimate entertainment space.

We have found that many families prioritize interior home furnishing and neglect their outdoor space, assuming it will be too expensive to make it nice. At Furniture Market in Grand Prairie, we know how to decorate the outside space of your dreams — and on a budget. Read the tips we have compiled below for making the most of your outside space.


1. Have enough seating for family and guests

Backyard spaces are all about entertainment, so they require the appropriate seating to make them comfortable and functional for everyone. You do not need to cram chairs around the patio table to provide seating for everyone. Instead, consider purchasing a fire pit and putting chairs around that awesome feature. This way, adults can sit at the table and kids can spread out around the fire pit, or vice versa. You could also purchase outdoor benches to put around the fire pit or even the table. Benches are a great outdoor furniture option because you can also move them around easily to accommodate different events and seating configurations.

2. Get an umbrella for your patio table

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised about how many patio tables do not come with an umbrella. Especially in Texas, with strong sun and the chance for rain, umbrellas protect the people sitting under them as much as the patio furniture itself. For any summer pool party or grill-out, your umbrella will provide much-needed shade so you can party in the heat of the day into the cooler Texas evening. Protecting the patio furniture from the sun will also ensure the paint does not fade and that the surface doesn’t get too hot for use. Do yourself and your guests a favor and invest in a patio dining set that comes with an umbrella or purchase an umbrella for your existing outdoor table. Furniture Market in Grand Prairie has auto tilt umbrellas and full patio sets for your outdoor furniture needs.

3. Consider an outdoor sofa sectional

While sofa sectionals might seem reserved for the living room, there are actually a variety of sofa sectionals made for the outdoors. These sectionals are more durable and waterproof so that they can withstand any external factor you might get in an outdoor patio area — from kids splashing in the pool to a Texas thunderstorm kind of night. Sectionals are an especially good option if you have a large backyard that seems empty and dull no matter how much you do to give it personality.

4. Consider the color scheme of your patio

People make the mistake of featuring very dark furniture outside. Not only do darker tones soak up the Texas heat and make sitting on the furniture extremely uncomfortable, but darker colors are also more likely to fade in the sun. We recommend lighter colors like a linen-white, yellow, or even light blue. Come into Furniture Market today and our staff can help you find patio-appropriate furniture that fits your budget.

Stop by Furniture Market in Grand Prairie today to see what outdoor patio furnishings might be the fix your backyard needs.

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