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At Furniture Market, we believe the living room might be the most important in your house. Unlike bedrooms which are usually tucked away upstairs or behind closed doors, the living room is a focal point for residents and guests alike. Your living room can set the tone for your entire house, especially based on its comfort, color, and general layout. Maximizing this space can spruce up your entire home, so we have gathered the best living room design tips from our years in business. If you have any questions about home furnishing design or think it is time for a new living room set, stop by Furniture Market in Grand Prairie.

 1. Create a focal point in your living room

Many living rooms are either too cluttered or too empty. The key to finding the Goldilocks ratio of furniture-to-space involves choosing a focal point for your living room. For example, your focal point could be a brightly colored living room sofa; with a vibrant centerpiece like a sofa, people automatically train their eye toward the couch and thus do not perceive the living room as cluttered. If you already have bright color on either your walls or carpet, you might want to consider a leather living room set. Leather living room sets provide a classic look that balances out your bright room and creates a classy atmosphere.

2. Use an Entertainment center

In most modern homes, the television becomes a natural focal point of a living room. If you have a large television, chances are you have already positioned your sofas and loveseats so that they face toward the television. This is a good start, but many living rooms fall flat when they mount the television to the wall or put it on a boring surface. One of the best living room design tips is to instead use an entertainment center for your television. Not only does the entertainment center provide great storage for your video game consoles, DVDs, and cable box, but it also becomes a beautiful focal point for your living room.

3. Take advantage of sofa sectionals

Sofa sectionals are perhaps the most underrated of all home furnishings because they help the problem of both empty and cluttered living rooms. For living rooms that feel empty, sofa sectionals add a necessary presence that the room was missing. For living rooms that might feel too full, sofa sectionals often come with storage, so you can place miscellaneous items inside that might have been contributing to the clutter. Many of our customers assume that sofa sectionals are basically like having two couches and worry they do not have enough space. Luckily, we carry chaise options for our living room sofa sets. Chaises provide storage and extra space without taking up as much room as a two-piece sectional.

There are so many other options to transform the space in your living room. Stop by Furniture Market today to see how we stage our living room sets and to get more home furnishing advice.

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