Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. Not only do you relax here with your family, but you also host guests, cheer on your favorite sports team, and help the kids with homework. It’s called a “living” room for a reason — because it is the room in your home that sees the most activity.

Given how much living rooms contribute to your home’s comfort and style, Furniture Market has put together this living room furniture buying guide as a helpful resource for you and your family.

Living Room Furniture Tips

At our Furniture Market in Grand Prairie, we feature a tremendous selection of living room sets. While this selection means we have the living room furniture to fit your unique home and taste, it can also lead to decision paralysis. Here are the top features you should keep in mind as you shop for sofas and seating options for your living room.

Get The Right Sofa

Sofas are the focal feature of any living room not just because of the space they take up, but also because they are used so frequently. You want to prioritize form (does it look nice and match my home) and function (is it comfortable and practical for my family?) as you shop for a living room sofa.

Consider Size:

Be realistic about the size of your family versus the size of your space. Sectional sofas are a wonderful way to maximize seating, but they only really work if you have a living room that is big enough for the sectional. A great option to consider is a chaise or ottoman for the sofa. Many chaises and ottomans come with built-in storage options, so they can minimize clutter in your living room and provide an additional seating option. Plus, you can move ottomans and chaises around the room, performing a mini-redecoration whenever you wish.

Ask About Upholstery:

When you stop by a furniture warehouse, be sure to ask the staff about different upholstery. If you have a family of toddlers — or teenagers, for that matter — then a leather sofa might be your best bet. They age well and are actually surprisingly easy to clean. Similarly, if you have pets, you want to steer clear from suede sofas, especially white ones, as they are more easily damaged.

Shape Matters:

Usually, we think about size and color as the determining factors for whether a sofa will look good in our living room. Sometimes we forget that shape is also a significant characteristic of living room sofas. If your house is rectangular in nature, you might consider an angled sofa to match the sharp edges. If you have a more open space, a more circular shape can fit better to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Furniture Market in Grand Prairie is your one-stop-shop for living room furniture, including modern sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and loveseats. Stop by our furniture warehouse or contact us today for the living room of your dreams.

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