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Living Room Accent Chairs

An accent chair is an additional seating piece for your living room that has a role beyond function. These chairs are only meant to complement the décor of the living room by adding vibrant color, providing a focal point, or spicing up a monotone living room by adding contrast in colors. The main motive of these chairs is to give a glammed up look to a dull room. These chairs are usually in bright colors like mustard, emerald, deep pink, maroon, cobalt blue, and other bright tones. They can be put in the living room, dining room , or even your bedroom. Any room of your home that needs a little more pizzazz can use these accent chairs. Living room accent chairs are a great way to turn a boring and dull room into a bright catchy room in an instant. The accent chairs are usually 16-18 inches in height and their structure consists of a wide and strong backrest. These chairs can be in a sleek look or wide look, depending on the users’ requirements. The frame of accent chairs is put together strongly so that it can hold heavyweight. The back is fully cushioned till the top, which is a significant characteristic of these chairs. You will experience good and soft support on your back till neck when you sit on one of these chairs. Our accent chairs are perfect to curl up in with a book or for afternoon tea. They are mostly put in pairs at one corner of the room.

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At Furniture Market, we have a range of accent chairs, including wide as well as sleek ones. Our customers’ representative will also help you to find the best match for your home. Our technician team will also assemble the furniture properly for you so that you do not suffer from any future mishap.

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