The Secret To Living Room Success — Ottomans

In terms of living room furniture, ottomans are like the jack-of-all-trades. They provide both aesthetic beauty and practicality for a living room. Plus, they’re more affordable than other living room furnishing options.

If you have an ottoman but want to put it to better use or if you are in the process of designing your living room, be sure to check out these ideas for your ottoman.

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Living Room Furniture Ideas for Ottomans

Ottomans can provide storage, seating, and surface area to a living room. Even if you have a smaller space and want to do without the added living room furniture, we still recommend purchasing an ottoman. For the small amount of space they take up, they certainly add tremendous versatility.

Shoe Storage

Ottomans can be used to store anything you want — magazines, extra bedding, toys, video game controllers. They are particularly useful, however, when it comes to storing shoes.

Even if you have rows and rows of shoe storage upstairs in your bedroom closet, there’s nothing like having easy access to shoes in your living room. Your ottoman can become your designated place for your comfortable slippers, dog-walking shoes, flip flops, or any shoes you want readily available.

Extra Seating

Perhaps the best use of ottomans involves extra seating. Instead of storing rickety, wooden folding chairs in the corner of the living room, you can offer ottomans as a more comfortable, solid seating option. If you have a big family, tend to entertain frequently, or host holiday gatherings, having an ottoman for extra seating should be non-negotiable.

Plus, ottomans use space more effectively than chairs because they don’t have arms. You can easily sit two or three people on the ottoman and take up less space than three chairs would.

Coffee Table

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your living room, consider featuring an ottoman as a coffee table. Unlike traditional wooden coffee tables, ottomans are available in fabric, leather, or any upholstery option you want. As such, you can add more dimension and color than you would be able to with a classic coffee table.

If you still want a hard surface that might be better-suited for drinks, add an end table to your living room. This way, you get the unique decor of an ottoman but still have a coffee table substitute.


Ottomans are an excellent alternative to bulkier reclining chairs. They look more tasteful, but they can still provide comfort as a footrest.

Add an ottoman to a nice living room chair, and you get the same functionality as a recliner without the potentially tacky aesthetic. You could also use an ottoman as a chaise by placing it at the end of a sectional or sofa.

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