Tips to Baby Proof Your Living Room

As adults, it can be really hard to know how to baby proof a home. After all, when is the last time you crawled through your entire house, thought it might be a good idea to stick your finger in an electrical socket, or grabbed at your television thinking it was a fun toy.

Baby proofing a home takes an entirely different perspective, and as parents it is easy for us to overlook the aspects of our household that can pose significant threat for children. Furniture Market in Grand Prairie has been helping families furnish their homes for years, and we want to offer a few tips for how to keep your living room furniture baby-proof.

Baby Proofing Your Living Room Furniture

Anchors Aweigh!

Anchoring your living room furniture is a part of baby proofing 101, but it is important to mention nonetheless. While some newer furniture comes with their own anchoring systems, many still require purchasing furniture anchors. A new study found that all types of furniture are susceptible to falling over, no matter their height, cost, shape, and material. If a child can grab onto it, there is a chance it can topple over.

For living room furniture such as book shelves, entertainment systems, or chests, we strongly recommend furniture anchors. If you are not sure how to install a furniture anchor or where to place it, chat with our staff at Furniture Market in Grand Prairie and we can give you some tips.

Cushion Their Falls

Your home could have living room furniture made out of cotton candy and your children can still manage to hurt themselves. Your newly crawling toddler will inevitably fall, and you want to make sure you add as much cushion as possible to your room. This includes softer living room furniture like an ottoman with rounded corners. Ottomans can even function as coffee tables, so you can really reduce risk if you avoid a traditional coffee table entirely.

You might also want to add a rug to your living room if you have hardwood floors, as this will add at least some softer surface areas to cushion any falls. If you have a rug, you want to make sure that you have an anti-slip rug guard so that it doesn’t budge.

Watch for Cords

Any electronic device you have in your living room comes with cords and wiring that children can potentially trip over. For televisions, the easiest way to keep these out of reach is to get an entertainment center. This way, you can store everything within the entertainment console — which should, of course, be anchored to the wall.

When we think of cords, we usually think of electronics that we have permanently placed in our living room. However, we forget to include cell phone and computer charges into this category. Your toddlers can trip over these just as easily as other cords, so be sure to put these away. Perhaps include a storage area in other living room furniture, like an ottoman with storage or a bookshelf, so you can keep track of these chargers as well.


This is another potentially obvious form of baby proofing, but you want to make sure your cover every electrical outlet you have in your home. Older technology involved plugging outlets so your children could not stick their fingers inside, but outlet protectors now slide so they remain both usable and protected.

Invest in Storage

With babies in the house, no object is off limits until it is securely stored. Children will grab, throw, and play with any object they can reach. Whatever you used to keep on your coffee table, ottoman, or bookshelf is now up for grabs. A chaise or ottoman with storage would be a great piece of living room furniture to consider. Not only do you get the extra seating for your baby and everyone who will come to visit, but you also have an easy-to-access place to store everything you used to leave in the open.

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