If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to decorate a bedroom that your child will love — for longer than a week. On Tuesday, yellow was your son’s favorite color and now it’s red on Thursday. Last year, your daughter absolutely loved soccer and now she’s way more into tennis.

Decorating around a theme seems like an easy fall-back, but your children outgrow those just as frequently as their favorite sports and colors.

As a furniture warehouse that’s been in the business for years, we have experience when it comes to children’s bedrooms. We’ve seen what ends up working and what needs to be redone within a few years.

As you set about updating or building your kid’s bedroom, keep these tips in mind from Furniture Market in Grand Prairie.

1. Get a Bedroom Set

Getting a full-piece bedroom set is one of the easiest ways to add cohesion to a room without centering on a theme your child will outgrow. Unlike wallpaper and wall color, which can easily be repainted or redone, the bedroom furniture you choose is more permanent.

When you invest in a full bedroom set, everything goes together and it also creates a really functional room for your child. They have a dresser for their clothes, a desk for their homework, and a bed to call their own.

Plus, your kid is way less likely to have transient taste when it comes to furniture color. If they like a darker wood stain now, chances are they’ll also like it in a few years.

2. Choose a Neutral Color Palette

The days of “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” are totally over. Even if your children like these colors, they will almost certainly think of them as “baby” colors when they start to grow older.

We recommend grey, green, and light blue as color palettes that are timeless without being boring. And again, if your kid really grows to hate the color, you can always repaint and have them help with it.

3. Include More Storage Than You Think

As your child grows, so does their stuff. Not only does clothing become bigger, but they also start to have more books, toys, school supplies, and hobbies.

We recommend including a bookshelf and desk in your kid’s room for this reason. Not only does this promote a studious space, but it also gives your kid plenty of nooks and crannies for their current and future stuff.

4. Have Your Child Help You Decide

There’s perhaps no better way to create a room your child will love than to let them help design it. Sure, they might want the giant bunk bed that has a build-in slide and basketball hoop, so you might need to set some parameters. However, they can still choose wall accents, the mattress they like the best, the size bed they would like, and the color of the bedroom furniture set.

Children also love visiting furniture stores, as they can test out couches, lay down on mattresses, and pick out the pieces they like the best.

5. Include Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have become trendy in childen’s bedrooms because they create a perfect balance between youthful and classic.

Shapes are far more interesting to kids than a boring, monochromatic scheme. However, teenagers aren’t repulsed by geometric shapes like they would be by, say, a Disney prince or princess scheme.

Finding a Furniture Store

At Furniture Market in Grand Prairie, we have an extensive collection of children’s bedroom furniture and accents. Come by today with the entire family to choose furniture that will last through childhood and beyond.

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