Tips to Keep Your Mattress Firm: Box Spring

While buying a mattress without a box spring is not necessarily as bad as buying a car without an engine, it’s at least similar to buying a car without a frame. Imagine driving down the highway, or any road, for that matter, and having to worry about your car falling in on you at any moment. It might seem extreme, but a box spring provides the same function to your mattress — it gives your firm mattress the support it needs to maintain its structural integrity. Your mattress will be much more comfortable and last for years longer if it lies above a supportive box spring. In addition to affordable bedroom sets and mattresses, Furniture Market sells box springs to ensure your mattress has the support it needs.

Why should I get a box spring for my mattress?

Box springs are the best technology for under a mattress because of their specialized engineering. Box springs, also called foundations, are usually made of wood or metal and covered with fabric. This solid foundation allows a box spring to support even the heaviest mattresses, like memory foam, latex, airbed, and innerspring mattresses. Whenever you move around in bed, it stresses the mattress. Box springs come into play because they help to absorb the shock that movement causes, thus protecting the integrity of the mattress.

In addition to providing support against shock, box springs also raise the height of your mattress and thus make it easier to get in and out of your bed. While some modern homes incorporate the bed-on-the-ground aesthetic, it is usually more practical and comfortable to have a bed around hip-height with the help of a box spring. Plus, you can manufacture better under-the-bed storage if you have a box spring or a bed frame that includes this type of space.

Finally, box springs ensure that your mattress stays flat. We take for granted that a mattress will lay flat on its own because of its rectangular form, but it is actually easier than you think for a mattress to become warped or uneven. Providing a solid base like a box spring helps to avoid this problem. We firmly believe it is better to invest in a box spring when you purchase your mattress than to have to replace your mattress after a few years. Mattresses can and should last for years, but it takes a good box spring to do it.

Box springs should be purchased when you buy an individual mattress. Luckily, if you are shopping for a full bedroom set, most bed frames come with a built-in foundation for your mattress.

Where can I find a box spring for my bedroom set?

Furniture Market has such an extensive selection of bedroom sets, mattresses, bed frames, box frames, and pillows that we can be a one-stop shop for all of your sleeping needs. Located in Grand Prairie, our furniture warehouse offers everyday low prices on home furnishings for your bedroom and any other room in the house.

Stop by our furniture store today to try out our mattresses, see how we stage our bedroom sets, and learn more about the importance of quality box springs.

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