How to Transform Your Living Room

Furniture Market wants to help you transform your living room. We have already covered a few helpful living room design tips in a recent blog, and now we want to give you solutions to common living room design issues.

Whether your living room has never been a suitable space for entertaining or you are just looking for a change, consider these solutions from Furniture Market in Grand Prairie.

Problem: My living room is too small to entertain

Solution: While as a furniture store we can’t add 50 square feet to your living room, we certainly understand this common frustration and have a few practical tips. Your living room might feel smaller than it actually is because it is cluttered or doesn’t use the space effectively. To open up your space, consider:

  • Mirrors: hang a decorative mirror on your living room wall to help with the boxy, closed-in feeling you might be currently getting.
  • Use an ottoman: Ottomans can totally transform a small living room because they can double as a coffee table, end table, or seating arrangement. Plus, this jack-of-all-trades living room furniture often includes built-in storage to help minimize the clutter.
  • Consider a sectional: This tip might seem totally contradictory, but having one big piece can actually help to make a room feel bigger. Sectionals seat more people but they remain compact as one piece of furniture, so they can be a great option for smaller spaces.

Problem: My living room has clutter for its clutter

Solution: This is an age-old problem for family homes, as you seem to get one hundred new magazines within a day of finally throwing out all the old ones. Consider these solutions for how to use living room furniture as de-cluttering devices.

  • Desks: Desks aren’t only for the home office. Especially if you have more room to work with, find a simple desk with drawers for storage. You can also give character to the desk by adding a decorative lamp.
  • Entertainment Centers: First things first, you should consider mounting your television to save valuable surface space. This way, you can get an entertainment center and use it to store your old DVDs, video game consoles, and anything else that might contribute to a cluttered room.

Problem: I have zero wall space

Solution: Living rooms with a lot of windows have wonderful natural light, but it can be hard to decorate without much wall space. This is where strategic living room furniture comes into play.

  • Break up the space: Without walls as a natural barrier, you have to use living room furniture. Try arranging two sofas or an L-shaped sectional around a coffee table to create a blueprint for the room.
  • Use a shelf or console: With too many windows, it’s also hard to push any table or desk against a wall like you normally would. You don’t want a desk in the middle of the room because that makes it too cluttered, so what do you do? Get a console. These living room furniture pieces are slimmer and thus a better fit for your windowed-room.

Furniture Market in Grand Prairie can help you transform your living room. We feature living room furniture sets at everyday low prices, so stop by today to solve your living room worries!

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