Ways You Are Ruining Your Dining Room Table

Dining room tables were built to be solid, but that doesn’t mean they can, or should, take everything we throw at them.

Think about a normal day for a dining room table — it gets milk spilled on it in the morning, gets a chemical bath right after, has a piping hot plate sitting on it for dinner, takes a few fork jabs from a toddler, and then gets doused in chemicals all over again.

It’s enough to drive anything crazy, or, in this case, dull and damaged.

According to an article from The Washington Post, there are six behaviors to avoid if you want to keep your dining room furniture looking and feeling good.

1. Avoid putting hot things on the table

Placing hot dishes directly on our dining room tables is one of the most common ways of ruining it. After all, this wood was not meant to withstand 300-degree temperatures directly. Luckily, there are incredibly easy solutions to this issue. You can use place oven mitts or dish towels if you need a quick layer of protection. Or, you could invest in trivets to add a more elegant layer of protection to your dining room furniture.

2. Use place mats

Especially if you no longer have young kids in the house, it can be easy to skip on place mats. However, spills happen! Place mats are your first line of defense against food and beverage spills. Not only are these spills harmful on their own, but they also usually precipitate using harsh chemicals for clean up (see: number 3).

Experts recommend cloth because they are less likely to trap harmful moisture than plastic place mats or tablecloths.

3. Stay away from chemical-based polishes and sprays

These sprays that you can buy in any grocery store are mostly a gimmick. You get a shiny, polished surface when you first use them, but this surface quickly attracts more dust and dirt than you would have had in the first place.

A better (and cheaper) solution is to use a damp cloth to wipe the surface and then to dry it with another cloth.

4. Use coasters

Just as hot surfaces can really damage your dining room furniture, so can wet ones. Any plant vase, wine glass, water cup, or mug can transfer moisture to your table. Wood and moisture are a bad combination. You could end up with water rings which can be annoying or potentially impossible to get out.

Always use a coaster for drinks or a trivet for vases to protect your dining room furniture!

5. Take off clunky jewelry

Watches, bracelets, bangles, and even rings can scratch the surface of your wooden table. If you’re hosting a bigger group, use a tablecloth to avoid the situation altogether.

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